School of Molecular
and Theoretical Biology


Dear All,

The application call to the School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology 2021 is now closed.

SMTB Admission Committee has sent the results of the admission to SMTB-2021. We received many great applications, about 7 for every place at the school. We had more than 130 interviews with candidates. Each applicant should have received an email with the decision of the Admission Committee. If you had applied to the SMTB-2021 but did not get an email, please contact us at our official email after checking your spam folder. The Admission Committee cannot comment on specific decisions or give feedback on specific applications.

We thank all of the applicants who took the time to apply and the individuals who wrote the letters of support for their application. We are also grateful to everyone who helped spread the word about SMTB and the ongoing call.

The current COVID-19 situation prevents us from organizing travel so the SMTB-2021 will take place online. The online version of the School will consist of two parts. The preparatory part of SMTB-2021 will be organized from July 22 to 31. The main part of SMTB-2021 will take place from August 3 to 21.

Participation is free of charge for all accepted students. In case the school is offline, it includes living expenses, medical insurance for those traveling from outside the EU and all materials required for lab work. We realize that for some applicants the cost of transportation may be prohibitive. In that case, at the time of application we ask students to indicate that they will need additional financial aid for transportation.

We will do our best to help all students resolve their technical issues before the online season starts.

More details about SMTB season and F.A.Q. can be found on our website. Information about financial support can be found here.

The School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology does not discriminate, in the admission process or otherwise, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other potentially discriminatory factors or circumstances.

We strive to present an equal opportunity for all applicants. Inquiries regarding the application process or other aspects of SMTB can be addressed to us through our email or by telephone to our Manager Anna Puzyreva (+7-926-2548553) or Vice Director Maria Gavryushina in Russia (+7-903-7529650), or to our Scientific Director, Fyodor Kondrashov (+43-664-88326214).

SMTB Admission Committee