School of Molecular
and Theoretical Biology


We are opening the call for applications to the School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology 2022. Applications will be accepted from November 15, 2021 until midnight UTC on January 15, 2022. SMTB is supported by the Zimin Foundation with additional funding from the HHMI and Petrovax.

The continuing restrictions due to the pandemic do not let us be confident that SMTB can be held offline in 2022. If the situation allows, SMTB-2022 will take place at the University of Tartu in Estonia from 2 to 18 August, 2022. If not, SMTB-2022 will be organized online in two parts, similar to that we have done in 2020 and 2021. In this case the School will start in mid-July and end in mid-August. The final decision, and the exact dates of the online version, will be announced in the beginning of May and will be communicated to the accepted students and their parents.

Participation is free of charge for all accepted students. In case the school is offline, it includes living expenses, medical insurance for those traveling from outside the EU and all materials required for lab work. We ask parents to cover traveling costs to Tartu where the School will take place. We realize that for some applicants the cost of transportation may be prohibitive. In that case, at the time of application we ask you to indicate that you will need additional financial aid for transportation. Should you be accepted, the School will cover a part of, or, in exceptional cases, the entire cost of travel to Tartu.

Lodging will be organized in one of the dormitories of the University of Tartu with faculty and students living in the same building.

If SMTB-2022 is online, we will do our best to help all students resolve all technical issues before the season starts.

More details about SMTB season and F.A.Q. can be found on our website. Information about financial support can be found here.

To apply you will need to create an account on our website or, if you applied to SMTB previously, log in to your account using the email address you used in the past.

Application consists of the main application form in English or Russian and a letter of support, which must be submitted to us independently from the main application. All application materials, including the required letter of support, must be submitted up to and including January 15, 2022. The letter of support must be written and submitted by another person, nominated by the student. We recommend asking someone to write the letter plenty of time before the deadline. Once you find someone to write a letter on your behalf, you can send an official invitation to submit the support letter through the application system - even before submitting the main application form.

We ask all students to familiarize themselves with the general features of the school, admission rules and F.A.Q. on our website prior to submitting an application. You can submit your application either through the Russian-speaking or English-speaking track. We typically accept more applications from the Russian-speaking track. However, the competition is equally intense for applications submitted in Russian and in English because we receive more applications in Russian. While you can choose which language to apply in, you will not be able to submit two applications. If you are accepted to SMTB, you will have the same opportunities at the School regardless which track you have been chosen through, the Russian-speaking or English-speaking one. However, please keep in mind that SMTB organises additional programs for SMTB alumni who submitted applications in Russian. These programs might not be available for the alumni admitted to the school via the English-speaking track.

To participate in SMTB-2022, in case it is offline, the students will require a valid travel passport or other document that allows students to enter Estonia and stay there during the school. Some non-EU students will also require a Schengen visa. The lack of a visa and travel passport at the time of application should not affect anyone’s decision to apply. There will be plenty of time to receive a passport after the admission decisions for SMTB are sent out. The SMTB staff will offer all the necessary support and paperwork and, whenever appropriate, will offer financial assistance to cover the costs of the visa application fee and the travel to the nearest visa service center.

The School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology does not discriminate, in the admission process or otherwise, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other potentially discriminatory factors or circumstances.

We strive to present an equal opportunity for all applicants. Inquiries regarding the application process or other aspects of SMTB can be addressed to us through our email or by telephone to our Manager Anna Puzyreva (+7-926-2548553) or Vice Director Maria Gavryushina in Russia (+7-903-7529650), or to our Scientific Director, Fyodor Kondrashov (+43-664-88326214).

SMTB Admissions Committee