School of Molecular
and Theoretical Biology

Travelling and support

The participation in the school is free to all students accepted by the admission committee. It includes travel insurance for non-EU students, living expenses and all materials required for laboratory work. Getting to the school is not normally covered by the Foundation. The students and their parents are expected to pay for transportation to the school.

However, we realize that for some families, especially from distant regions, the cost of transportation may be prohibitive. In that case at the time of application we ask you to indicate that you will need additional financial aid for transportation and, should you be accepted to the school, the Zimin Foundation will provide further aid that will cover a part of or, in a few cases, the entire cost of getting to our school.

The school is strongly dedicated towards the participation of students from distant regions and from families with special circumstances. The necessity for financial aid should not inhibit anyone from applying and will not be taken into consideration in any way in the course of the admission process.