School of Molecular
and Theoretical Biology


Publication in a peer-reviewed journal is the endpoint of any scientific research. SMTB is centered on the principle of real scientific work yet we do not aim for the results of our students’ work to be published. However, to our surprise, a few publications detailing the results of the work in part performed at SMTB were published over the years. A few with co-authors who performed the work as students of SMTB.

We are proud of the papers published by our students and faculty. However, often hard work does not lead to a result because the tested hypothesis was wrong, or because the team could not solve technical issues required to address their research question. Therefore, we are equally proud of our teams that do not reach the publication stage, especially of students that are motivated by negative results to take the next step in their research direction. The organizers and faculty of SMTB do not set specific aims to publish our work. When it happens, the publication is a pleasant but unexpected surprise.