School of Molecular
and Theoretical Biology


SMTB-2023 in Yerevan: Lab posters presented at the final conference.

Comparative and functional genomics lab


Group leader: Mikhail Gelfand

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Molecular and Computational Microbiology Lab: Multifunctional sweet-teeth


Group leaders: Masha Tutukina, Anna Kaznadzey

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Translation Control Lab: Role of NTAR sequences in the control of translation initiation


Group leaders: Larisa Okorokova, Nick Panyushev

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Molecular Evolution Lab: Can a fly get sunburn? Bioinformatic analysis of mutational spectra in fruit flies


Group leader: Egor Bazykin

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Genetic Engineering For Dummies: Pilot fitness landscape of an essential bacterial gene


Group leader: Arina Mazurova

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Deep learning Lab: Show me what you got. Understanding Why Protein Language Models Say What They Say


Group leaders: Ilya Senatorov, Roman Joeres

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Prairie Vole Neuroimaging Lab: Neural encoding of pair bonds in prairie voles


Group leader: Zoe Donaldson

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Clinical Bioinformatics Lab: Genomic detective. Searching for answers in human DNA


Group leader: Ekaterina Shubina

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Limb Development Modelling Lab: Modelling the proximal-distal characterization of the vertebrate limb


Group leaders: Vera Terenteva, Laura Avinyó

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Microbial Genomics Lab: Plasmid-mediated transformation of extended spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producer phenotype to E. coli DH5α competent cells


Group leader: Anaida Mikhailovna Sedrakyan

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Human Genomics Lab


Group leader: Arsen Arakelyan

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